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Sbatial Square (Cotton Blend Premium)

RM 32.00
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Feel the premium in your basic square. This soft silky cotton is made from cotton blend that will sure makes you look much put together even in just basics.

Measurement : 115cm x 115cmFinishing

Baby seams

Material : Cotton blend premium

- premium quality

- light and silky cotton

- very flowy

- good opacity , no need to wear inner. (except for white colour)

- lint-free (tidak berbulu)

- comes with box

Why Sbatial ? The true meaning behind sbatial is special, basic and essential. we want you ladies to feel good and always look put together even in the most basic hijab - bawal. But what set you aside from others ? it’s from the material and the quality of the pieces that you choose.

For this capsule collection we are focusing on timeless and neutral colour pallete to let you ladies out there create your hijab capsule wardrobe easily.

As we are creating capsule wardrobe, owning core pieces that can be worn repeatedly is the key. so, we know that this cotton blend material we use should be long lasting.

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